The Friendless Perspective

I’ve had this all wrong!
God’s been showing me love
Regarding friendships* I mean
Or the lack* thereof*

You see,

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They were target practice
To ready me for life’s fight
Gettin me ready to deliver
And to hand haters’ their plight

He used them to build muscles
Help me see through their fakeness
To give me keener senses
Make me able to take this

Mess of a life
Make me smarter and wiser
So I wouldn’t be fooled by
Witches and hypnotizers

Yes, this process has purpose
It’s been all for my sake
Preparing me for my next 1
The one that will take

Me into my destiny
For I’m sharpened and groomed
Saving lessons from this class
Cause I’m bringing the room

*see link for the previous three friendless poety

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

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