Pink and Blue

I think i’mma dudette
With dude-like tendencies
Skew male if you prefer
When referring to me
I mean I cry at the right times
Watching movies and at weddings
Reading a greeting card
Kid videos and when shedding
The skin from onions
Or whenever they’re peeled
But dress like Simone Cowell
Only with it I wear high heels

silhouette photo of woman standing under clear blue sky
Image courtesy of

I like early morning surprises
To get my day started right
And as you’ve seen from my posts
I’ve got a big appetite

I think I’m balanced though
I pull from all quads of the brain
That’s what the test said anyway
And I’m fairly, partially sane

Sometimes I hibernate
In my cave with my vision
Using intellect to solve problems
When with heart I should listen

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

12 thoughts on “Pink and Blue

    1. And that would be me.
      Jan, I apologize. You are the last person i wanted to see this. I hit private because I wanted to amend it. But looks like it published anyway. I feel like my mom just looked at it. 😐
      Oh well. It wasn’t too racy for you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no! You have to understand: Bob & I attend “Bloom in the Desert Ministries” in Palm Springs when we spend January in southern CA. Google them! Their motto (and our) is: “We welcome all who welcome all.” I’m your Mom#2… and I love you!💕


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