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I don’t have a problem “doing”
My challenge is keeping still
Not good at human “being”
I’m usually human will

I or won’t I
Do this or that today
Will I listen to others opinions
Or to what the Father says

For me to do
And to be
Will I follow his instructions
Submit to and please

Him as he pursues
Mankind in the earth
Will I help in his mission
Make men disciples and search

For those that are lost
Those still in the dark
Those longing for peace
And love in their hearts

Yes, I will

dorothy’s page Β© 2019 Dorothy E. Young

19 thoughts on “Willing

  1. D a nice poem… but just a food for thought… can one make some person someone else’s disciple… we can just guide and show the path… to walk on it is the person’s choice… the person decides whether he wants to become a disciple… this is just my viewpoint…

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