Deity’s humanity

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Did you know God has feelings
That He gets grieved too
He even gets angry at times
Just like me and you

Although he’s not quite like us
Not human but deity
He’s not flesh and blood
He’s a spirit you see

He had to create a body
For his spirit to live in
At least for a little while
As he took care of sin

So we could reconcile
Be like we were before
I’m sure he really missed us
That’s why he became a door

For us to come through
To visit him at his throne
Coming to him boldly
As a son, as his own


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21 thoughts on “Deity’s humanity

  1. We have in India believe that the God comes down Himself in extreme circumstances to get the pendulum to balance between work and non-work, action and inaction, Pravruttivaad and Nivruttivaad… and manifest himself through various sages and great personalities too…

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