The gift of You

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How do you make life better
What do you bring to the table
What gifts do you have
To serve with, make others able

To fulfill their purpose
To reach their lifes’ goal
What is it that you contribute
That make others whole

When you find these answers
You’ll find who you be
Your destiny, your purpose
That’s what sets men free

To be themselves
And fit in where they belong
To march to their own beat
And with others play along

When you know who you are
You know what you ain’t
Sorting out your priorities
What you can do and can’t

Becomes easier
And a breeze to define
Puts you in your lane
Gives you the right mind

Set your affections
On things that are above
Use all your gifts to help others
And do it all in Love

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

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