His shoulders

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

Did you know that God
Was jealous over you
wants to be your number one,
Your first go-to

For wisdom, provision
Conversation And such
He wants to be your hero
When you’re facing life’s hurt,

Challenges and whenever
Trouble hits
He wants to be the shoulder
Leaned on when things aren’t lit

In your favor
Not quite going your way
He wants to be the one
That makes your day

So talk to Him sometimes
Let him know how you feel
It’ll be to your advantage
And to Him, a big deal


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9 thoughts on “His shoulders

  1. I love the fact God is my Husband
    My first Husband
    The One who smiles as He watches me pull my hair with delight
    Or admires the colour He gave my eyes

    He dutifully takes over the night shift
    When others close their eyes in sleep
    He watches my chest rise and fall
    As I breathe His breath

    I won’t hesitate to talk to Him
    Or pour my love on Him
    He knows my thoughts
    Even before I spill the words

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