Effortless Grace

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

What’s in your heart
Is how you choose
To maintain integrity
So you don’t lose

What God’s grace
Affords us to stay

In his righteousness
And not our own good works
Thinking we can sustain
Our own value and worth

Less are efforts
To cleanse our own hearts
How can dirt clear dust
Of it’s own missed marks

For that’s all sin is
It’s missing the mark
For God set the standard
He knows where we started

In the garden
So he sent forth his son
To redeem mankind
So that we all can learn

We don’t go to outer darkness
For the acts we take
It’s cause we’ve rejected Christ
And the life that he gave

Through Grace

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

21 thoughts on “Effortless Grace

      1. Wow.

        Ok, I do these interviews via Skype. My name on Skype is BC007. Send me a message over Skype and that is how we will connect.

        No camera needed, just a microphone and a connection!

        I’m so excited!!!


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