Mommy and me

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This poem was inspired by a photo of a friend with her son (not pictured above).

Mommy and me

What is this that I see
Oh it’s mommy and me

Looking at me in the mirror
I couldn’t see clearer

That she’s lovin’ me so
See how she shows

Me that I’m her first son
Her unrehearsed one

Making momming look easy
How I love how she squeeze me

This will always be,
Just Mommy, and me

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

16 thoughts on “Mommy and me

  1. Wow being a mama’s boy all my life it always felt right she was by rudder and my sail than one-day the death Gail came and stole the sail every since I float cause she taught me how to bail when being hit by angry swells.
    Sitting here looking at this computer screen reading this poem my eyes swelled up with water she has been gone for a while still sometimes I come across something like this! (it’s probably the glare from the screen) well I’m gonna go now before I make a fool of myself, love the poem

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