Divinely Refined: The Dorothy project

God has, and ever will be, refining me. And that’s a good thing. Although,

It doesn’t take long
For God to do what he do
Prepare, refine
And to process you

For consumption –
For human race to taste

Yes, I am grateful for this
Time spent with you
You’ve brought me, taught me
The ways that you do

Your children
The ones you love most
Those that believe you
Those that will host

Your spirit
And do what you’ve said
Not going their own way
Thinking from their own heads

What they think is best
Never passing Faiths’ test

You’re a good Father and
Faith’s testing I have passed
But for the next test,
Could you make it pass fast

er, please sir?

the more polished you are the more your gift will shine. ~dey

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dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

19 thoughts on “Divinely Refined: The Dorothy project

      1. They always appear at the very top of the page – in a similar fashion to the featured images at the very tops of some of my articles (behind the site name, blurb & profile picture) – but never in the article itself.

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      2. Really?! I can see them in both places and I assumed everyone else could see them in both places as well. Hmm I guess I need to put them as featured and within.
        I’m glad you brought it to my attention.

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