When you and me are together We are like god - all one Like in the beginning Like when it first begun He pulled me out of you Drew me out from your heart Now we merge together Again, like from the start Yes, we belong together We were meant to be I in you … Continue reading Eden

The Wonder of Fruit

Papaya, bananas, mangos, Blueberries, all kinds of fruit Your words have spoken them to earth for us to use them peaches and oranges and grapefruit with pulp With juices that flow Whenever they're crushed or squeezed just so sweet nector to the taste. Delectable and delicious Not one drop to waste You've made all of … Continue reading The Wonder of Fruit

Is it Me. . .

or is that my name on the chalkboard behind actress Felicity Jones in her portrayal of Chief Justice Ruth Beyer Ginsberg? As I was watching a Lifetime movie on Sunday, I noticed in the preview of the movie 'On the Basis if Sex', due out today by the way, a glimpse of a portion of … Continue reading Is it Me. . .

Mary’s Christmas

Mary's first Christmas was Much different than ours As her first Christmas had her laboring for hours To give birth to Our savior, redeemer and king The one who'd be both, to Her, Lord and offering Peace to the world Goodwill towards all men Bringing man and God, back Together again Immanuel, God with us. … Continue reading Mary’s Christmas

Behind the Eyes

When the light hits your eyes And captures that glow It's then that I see you It's then that I know That what you feel for me Is truly coming from your heart That look you gave to me, at the beginning, the very start of our encounter That moment we first embraced Little did … Continue reading Behind the Eyes