Dancing beats

I can write without rhyming Word it - without beats or timing But when I try to write normal Out of sync - somewhat informal Then without a doubt This is how it comes out But, I'll keep writing till you know That what He says, it is so Does that make any sense How … Continue reading Dancing beats

Patient’s Reward

I'm a patient of Patience and she won't loose her grip. I'll be glad when she's released me. Cause this, has been a real trip. So come and get me Reward! I've been Sitting here in silence Just waiting for your call There's nothing else to do It seems I've done it all I've prayed … Continue reading Patient’s Reward

Thought Patrol

Thoughts can make you sad Thoughts can make you glad Thoughts can make you miserable Or be the best you've ever had You determine what you think Only you can have control You're the guardian of your mind It is you who patrols What and who comes out And what, if any, comes in You … Continue reading Thought Patrol

Fearless Love

Love that stands the test of time Endures throughout lifetimes Grows with each passing year Shows strength, outlives fear That's the kind of love that's desired Passionate; unyielding with fire dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

Embodied Praise

I believe we, each one of us, are pieces of God contained in bodies. Born to express pieces of his creativity in the earth. However, we're Constrained by time restricted by space Reflecting his glory Revealing his face Upon this earth We came to birth To give him praise To show his worth 🌾 Thank … Continue reading Embodied Praise