Is it Me. . .

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or is that my name on the chalkboard behind actress Felicity Jones in her portrayal of Chief Justice Ruth Beyer Ginsberg?

As I was watching a Lifetime movie on Sunday, I noticed in the preview of the movie ‘On the Basis if Sex’, due out today by the way, a glimpse of a portion of my name. I hit rewind, paused, and sure enough there was my name.* Just as plain as day. I can’t make out the last name though.

Anywho, I usually don’t see my name unless or until I’m in a pickle and need clarity – direction of some sort. But not this time. I haven’t asked God for any clarity on anything lately. Not really. So why the validation before the doubt or confusion?

Why is the answer before the question? What could this mean?! Have I caught up? Am I no longer behind the eight ball? What?!

Maybe it’s a clue to my next step instead of a breadcrumb for where I am. Hmm

Maybe God has something really big in store for me. We’ll see.

*see original post referenced

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10 thoughts on “Is it Me. . .

    1. It’s really not about the question. It’s about being in a place of confusion or in need of direction. Right now, I’m confident that I am where I am supposed to be.
      And that’s usually when my name appears. Right at the point I need validation of my location.
      I know without a doubt I am where I’m supposed to be right now.

      Maybe the name game has changed.🤔 Maybe I’ve matured and don’t need it in that way any more. Maybe it means something new. This has thrown me off for some reason.

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