Freed by a Tree

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Freedom ain’t free unless you’re truly free. Not bound by walls, traditions or ideology.

Yes, free ain’t free unless you truly be

Free in your heart, imagination and such. Freedom in your mind, can never be too much.

Expectations from a life filled with God. Can never be boring, uninteresting or hard.

For his grace is sufficient – enough to sustain a life that’s free. Enough to enjoy what Christ wrought on a tree.

A tree, you see, was used to set us free. It was a tree, you see, that brought us liberty.

So with a tree we celebrate this same saviors birth. With this tree we pay homage to his worth.

Worship him this Christmas and in all the days to come. It’s not just for holidays. It’s for his majesty, the prince, Gods son.

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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