Friendless pt. 2

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I haven’t had a true *friend
since I was a child
It was in seventh grade
the last time I smiled

I’m not quite sure
why this is the case
Am I too naive, too gullible
to easy to place

my trust in others
Or just hungry for love
Do I need the attention
Am I seeking far above

what should be expected?
Maybe I’m asking too much
Maybe I’m too eager to share
Too excited, too glad and such

I don’t know what
And I don’t know why
Maybe someday, one day
A true friend will come by


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*see original post ‘Friendless’

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24 thoughts on “Friendless pt. 2

      1. Maybe so Dirithy. There is no rhyme nor reason to some things. Bless you my friend. I am behind on replying at the moment, so sorry I am a but late with this. Much live to you from here anyway x

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  1. I have the feeling that it’s more difficult nowadays to find true friends, our world is so much about virtual friendship that I’m not sure we still know how to be friends in real life. Finding people who reciprocate your friendship is not an easy task, many people take and Don’t give back. It caused me to stop giving. I used to love making gifts on birthdays, Christmas, organise dinners at home with many people, invite to gatherings, and then I saw that people liked to come, have a good time and take, but will not offer back. It pained me in the begining, and then slowly I stopped and became a bit more selfish and less spontaneous. Sad. It made me become my best friend though!

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    1. Wow I totally get it. And you’re right. Everything’s hollow now a day. Shallow people sharing fake sentiment.
      I say that all the time. I am my own best friend.
      Also, I was the QUEEN of birthday gift giving. I even created personalized greeting cards! I remembered, and still remember, the birthdays of my elementary school mates. And, I haven’t seen any of them in years. Except on Facebook.

      Thank you for sharing this Monaminga.

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  2. God will fill those voids in our lives, and when He does we’ll know why He sometimes takes so long! They’re meant to outperform the energizer bunny! They’ll keep GROWing and GOing!

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