Ya can’t live here

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I just woke up from this horrific dream! Or should I say nightmare.

In the dream I opened my home to this family of four and their wet, pet dog in need of someplace to live for a while. As they began to move in, this woman came to the door with a clipboard. She appeared to be some type of Supervisor for the homeless.

As she ushered the family into my home I noticed they were dragging in a wet mattress with leaves and all kinda refuse attached. As if they had been sleeping on the streets. AND they had pulled my garage door throwing more of their things in!

As I monitored the move, I saw the family laughing with the Supervisor as if they’d pulled one over on me. Immediately, I shouted, “GET OUT! You can’t stay here! Leave!” And they took their things and got out of my house.

Now you must know, it’s not uncommon for me to extend my home, well, former home after the divorce, to those in need. Sometimes days, weeks or months at any given time. Whether they’re related to me or not. However, in this case, these vagrants wanted to take over!

I left the house to begin work behind a counter of a convenience store. A friend walks in wearing a black funeral dress and buys a $20 one-page magazine. Then I woke up.

Back story – Because I had been a little down earlier yesterday, I began to let doubt concerning God’s promise to me creep in and started going down in my spirit.

Interpretation – God said, “if you let them in, they will stay and you won’t be able to get rid of them. They want to take over…You.”

Supervisor – the devil himself

Family of four – his imps; my years of bouts with 1) deep depression 2) low self esteem, 3) rejection and 4) insecurity

Wet mattress – tears that watered my mattress from days of crying in the dark, rehearsing hurt and couldn’t get out of bed for days on end

The pet – me. I’ve wanted to be loved and accepted as I’ve tagged along with family, “friends”, etc all of my life

Friend in black – her birthday is on December 7th (Pearl Harbor) – this was an attack on my paradise

Convenience store/one-page magazine – my WordPress daily blog maybe (not clear about this part yet. Maybe one day I’ll make money at it? who knows)

From now on, nothing but peace enters my home. Phew! That was a close one.


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14 thoughts on “Ya can’t live here

  1. I feel you interpreted that dream perfectly. It takes much self awareness and truth telling to yourself to see what you were able to see. I believe self awareness is the first step on your true path 🧡 Keep writing and what is meant to be will be.

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