In His Image

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Have you ever read in scripture where God made statements of low self esteem? Or spoke negatively over himself? Yeah, me either.


How you gon’ have low self steem
When you’re created in his image
You better check the mirror
And correct your visage

and say what he says about you
and walk in the truth
God don’t make no junk
And you think that’s you

With low self image
Cause ain’t nothing low bout us
We top shelf, top banana, top dog
And all that top stuff

So get over your low self image
And throw it in the trash
Cause don’t nothing belong in you
But what the Father has

Said from day one
When the world was begun
God said, “It was good”,
That settles it, it’s done

You straight?

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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