Mama said

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“Because I said so”

That’s what my mom would say
When we didn’t understand
We had to do it her way
And when she command

ed it to be done
The way she saw fit
And if we didn’t comply,
She was a force to be reconded with

So, I did what she said
Because I knew she knew why
Only I couldn’t see the logic
I didn’t have her eyes

Of experience or wisdom on things
Only she knew the backlash it’d bring

If I didn’t follow her instructions
Just do what she said
It’d pay off in the long run
At least that’s what she said


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11 thoughts on “Mama said

  1. She was training you for life. The godhead in your family – essentially saying, β€œJust listen – and trust the One Who knows, the One who loves you and has only your best interests at heart.” Ah yes, good training indeed! God bless you. And your mama! (BTW, it was my daddy who said, β€œBecause I said so!” My Mama was Always big on explanations!)

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