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I wrote this one some time ago. It’s about me imagining what God’s vision for my life would be like.

Imagine that. God has a vision, for me. I hope you like it.

It’s too big for my eyes
Can I see it all
What the big picture is
The totality of the call

It’s bigger than just now
Than this present circumstance
Far greater than my past
And not just happenstance

How big is the frame
That this picture fits in
Maybe it’s larger
Than what I can admit; then

Bigger than a bread box
But smaller than the sea
Somewhere in between
Is somewhat me

He won’t give me clarity
Or make his words concise
When he reveals pieces of me
Slices of my life

Chunks here and there
Just enough to wet my appetite
Not quite a full glimpse
Just a peek at a sight

of what my future may hold
What it might entail
Not too large though
Only a small scale

of what’s maybe to come
where he’s headed with my life
What his plans are
What’s my size of the pie

Just wish I could see
A taste of what’s ahead
A snap shot or something
To entertain my head

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12 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Absolutely Dorothy. We just don’t know. And if we did, I wonder what we would do. I sure wouldn’t have wanted to know that I would get cancer. And yet that has been something that I have been gratefuk fir weurd though that might see. But I am glad I dudn’t know in advance

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