Lazy Sundays

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Lazy Sundays are the best
Especially in winter seasons
Having nothing more to do
And for no other reason

Than to lounge around
Be a bum all day long
Play games, watch TV
Sing Christmas songs

After a dinner, or a lunch
A late breakfast or brunch

Whatever you call it
Whenever you’re through
Go straight to the couch,
You know what to do

dorothy’s page Β© 2018 Dorothy E. Young

39 thoughts on “Lazy Sundays

      1. Honestly Dorothy heart is peculiar even if those who have significant others like us, we are still devoid of love, therefore writing and imaginations πŸ™‚ it’s beautiful to be forever single at heart and fantasize. What can be better and true than self-love πŸ™‚

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      2. Well women like me once were women like you, and then you will become like us and again we will meet on wp writing verses on different longings. We are alike my friend, few one step ahead and few step behind! It’s just steps

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