Surrounded by Sound

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How long can you go without listening to some music everyday? Not long huh? Me either.

It’s like I need it in the background of my life in order to function from day to day.

To me,

Music is like chicken soup
It just makes you feel better
By yourself or in a group
Doesn’t matter whether

You’re at home or at work
At the gym or in the car
We’re all surrounded by music
No matter where we are

It greets us when we wake up
And when we go to bed
Music is unavoidable
It’s always in my head


Each morning everyone gathered as much as they needed, and when the sun grew hot, it melted away. (Exodus 16:21 NIV)

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12 thoughts on “Surrounded by Sound

  1. I can spend an entire day without listening to music, but it dépends on where I go, I can hear some without intending to. I appreciate silence from time to time, it’s too Noisy all the time nowadays I think.

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