Excessive Living

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There are many things that make life worth living in my opinion. None of which are material in nature.

Sure things are nice to have. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they’re just that – things.

A little or a lot; who’s to say

How much is too much
What it means to you or to me
It’s all relative I suppose
It depends on how you see

It, what you personally
What might be too big for him
May be just fine for her

To each his own
Whatever makes you smile
Enjoy what you have
We’re only here a little while

You decide.

dorothy’s page Β© 2018 Dorothy E. Young

33 thoughts on “Excessive Living

  1. It’s a very short journey…isn’t it my friend? One of the greatest sermons I ever heard was centered on that idea Dorothy. The message was, it’s a very short journey on this earth, so pack lightly of the things of this earth. Does that make sense to you?

    I found it to be one of the most memorable sermons I ever heard. That was 1995.

    You would be too young to remember that far back.


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      1. Yes.

        The trappings of our mortal life, merely a flash in the time of eternity, should hold no grandeur in our eyes. Take few of these things on our journey. We have so much more…so many deeply important things to take. Acceptance of our sin, and utter joy in a redemption of which we are unworthy…yet granted by His grace nonetheless.

        That’s the stuff that needs to go in our “carry on”…yes?

        I commend your ability to remember something when you were 5.


        πŸ˜‰ !

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  2. Hah! This is a perfect segue into my blog that I just posted. Afraid to die? Yes, there are infinite reasons to keep on living. But, you know… our days are numbered. How do we accept and embrace our mortality?

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