Distant Lover

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

“…stay in my arms if you dare or must I imagine you there?”

(I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston – ‘The Bodyguard’ soundtrack )

“Imagine”? That means it’s not so in reality yet. Right? Which means you’re not here with me; in person. You’re, long distance.

But is it worth it?

Is long distance love
Better than no love at all
I mean I know we can face time
Email and sometimes call

But what of other meaningful
Embracing, eye gazing
And every other type of affection

Do we count that towards
relationship essentials or no
Does physical contact even
Matter, carry weight or go

On the table as an issue
Soon to be overcome
See it as a bond strengthener
A sacrificer or some

Other contributing factor
That when we look at the past
We’ll see that the distance
Was what made us last

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

17 thoughts on “Distant Lover

  1. What made a long distance relationship work for me, for over a year, was having time together scheduled; something on the calendar. Whether it was 2 weeks away or 2 months… having that time in each other’s presence is soul enriching. It fills your love/hug/proximity buckets (so to speak) until the next time you see each other.

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