Bring it

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Have you ever conquered a fear or overcame a weakness only to have the voice of doubt whisper, “It won’t last.”? Yeah, me too.

So when the peanut gallery of my mind began to speak, I decided, with all of my might, not this time devil. I said, “Okay, you wanna dance?

Cause I know this gon’ hold
This time it’s gonna stick
I’ve been through too much
To let you mess with

My salvation my healing
On top of that my growth
You can’t have my deliverance
You can’t have both

My peace AND my joy
Cause I paid the price for it
He wrought them both in me
As I suffered and strained for it

So go somewhere with that
Just get outta my face
Go back where you came from
You know, the other place.

So get to steppin’ – deuces!”

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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