Born Anew

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Creation was an act of love. God wanted someplace to place His spirit and have dominion and authority here on earth.

He wanted us to reign here just as he reigns there. Oh how I long to reign and have dominion not only in my life but over the forces of poverty and hatred in this world.

But, the dark one spoiled it and seared our conscious with fear and doubt. And when the Father found out, he was like

Who told you you were naked
left exposed without My spirit
Who convinced you to seek
Elsewhere for love and divinity

I’ve made you in my image
With a built in knowledge of me
Our connection now broken
Cause you couldn’t see

That we were one from creation
You and I were – one
Our evening talks in the garden
Is how it begun

As our method of sorts
Of how we’d commune
Oh how I missed my creation
How I wished he’d soon

Turn back to me
And be not only dust and clay
But my friend taking his place
Near my begotten, to forever stay

The first birth was blemished. However the second one, should you choose to accept, is flawless.

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

19 thoughts on “Born Anew

  1. We are born not of the will of man but of the incorruptible Word of God that lives and abuses forevermore.

    We are born anew unto a life in which death doesn’t comprehend.

    A life that sets us up as kings to reign in spite of contrary situations.

    A life that makes others aspire to our inspiration.

    We are born anew by faith in the God-Man: Christ Jesus.

    Indeed the first birth is blemished. But the second is flawless. Glory to God.🙌🙌

    Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Soooo. a few nights ago I was meditating on this passage and the Lord began talking to me about the epic communication fail in the garden between Adam and Eve, but moreso how Adam really shouldered the burden, because the Lord gave him the command. Sadly today, we place most of the blame on Eve! Question: What if Adam had just told Eve NO!

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