Eyes Never Lie

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It’s so difficult to write these days. It’s challenging to share my true voice.

Maybe one day I will let loose and divulge all that is within my heart. But, for now, eyes came to mind for today’s entry. For

The eyes are the window to the soul
Or so I’ve been told

We see through a glass darkly
Says the bible verse
But this refers to prophesy
A distant vision rehearsed

Till it comes to past
One given divinely that will last

Throughout generations
And generations to come
Oh how the eyes tell so much
Of what’s coming from some

one’s soul, the beholder
Who peers from without
For the eyes never lie
Although the soul may doubt

The eyes reveal what you’re really feeling. I wonder if God intended for it to be this way. As sort of a backup to words.

I always say that words are the lowest form of communication. Don’t you agree?

dorothy’s page Š 2018 Dorothy E. Young

9 thoughts on “Eyes Never Lie

  1. I love this…and totally agree that the eyes are the unquestionable insight into the mind/heart of another. And, I reckon’ God’s plan is perfect…so I’m guessing He meant it to be that way. Just sayin’. 🙂

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