Who cares?

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Do you realize how much valuable time we spend taking on the cares of this life? Sure we all have responsibilities but that’s no excuse to pressure ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

The eating of tree of the knowledge of good and evil, in my belief, left us crippled. For the Father knew that once we deemed ourselves wise in our own eyes that we would gain independence from Him when we needed to cling to him all the more.

What you and I would consider painful(evil) is actually progress(good) and vise versa.

Here’s what I believe we should do

Don’t carry care
It’s too heavy anyway
It’s too hard to sort out
It makes it difficult to stay

Focused and centered
In the life that you lead
It’s easy to get distracted
When attempting to feed

Your body, mind and spirit
What it needs to survive
Barely enough time in the day
To give attention to why

You’re here on this earth
What you were sent to achieve
You’d better not take care
Or you’re likely to leave

This earth before your time
Being unwilling to unwind
And let God give mind

To you and your needs
As only the creator should
He made you, just like he saw you
In his image – good

Don’t take care, for He cares for you. Who cares? Is it you? Not me.

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

9 thoughts on “Who cares?

      1. Dorothy, those are exactly the words that we all need to hear!!

        Seems to me it wasn’t but a few minutes ago when I mentioned I just got done with my company work, after having worked all day on the client site. Sigh.

        Your thoughts really helped put the important things in perspective.

        Thank you!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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