Let’s go for a Ride

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

As a teenager I loved to ride roller coasters! The bigger they were the better. My sister was a scaredy cat and would leave me in the que all alone. Yeah, she’d chicken out at the very last minute.

They never bothered me because I could see the end. Whenever I can see the end of a thing, the middle doesn’t matter. Are there up and down days? Of course. But if I keep my eyes on the end of a thing, I can keep going.

First of all because there is an end. The ride doesn’t last forever. Such is life. The hard times, as well as the good, they come and they go. But eventually they all come to an end. Maybe not the way we’ve envisioned it, but an end nonetheless.

Secondly, you can see it. When you can see the finished product or end result in your minds eye, you’ve already conquered the middle. For to see the end from the beginning is a sign that it’s already finished. It’s just a matter of walking it out to completion.

Yes the ride will be bumpy. There’s no avoiding that. But know that there is an end to it. No ride lasts forever. Keep your head up, look at what’s ahead of you, see the finish and enjoy the ride.

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