Quit Quitting

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“Where are you working this month? Are you still on that same job?” were some of the usual comments from family and associates. I’ve gotta quit quitting!

Nothing has ever felt right. Well, there is this one thing I’d like to do. I have yet to quit it. I think it’s apart of who I am. And I like that.

But yesterday

Someone called me a quitter
At first it made me sad
But the more I thought about it
I decided I was mad

At what was said
I started to defend myself
But only in my head

Was he right
Did I quit all the time
Do I have ADHD
Or some other kind

Of attention deficit
Or mental disorder
Why do I lose interest so quickly
Get bored and reorder

My occupation, job
or career
Why can’t I stick with something
I once held dear

To me or at least so
I thought
Maybe the disinterest
Is bound to be caught

In a snare one day
Where I can’t get a loose
It’s patience that I need
That will one day be my noose

From now on
Cause I’ll where it like a crown
For no matter how long it takes
I’ll take impatience down

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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