What is Love?

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

This is an age old question that I happen to have an age old answer to. Simply this, Love.

I think we make things too complicated. It’s not hard. I’ll think of you, and you think of me. There you go.

Do you wanna know what is Love?

Love is patient
Love is also kind
Love thinks of others first
It never pays mind

To the uncomely or broken
ness of the soul
For Love longs to repair us
Love longs to make us whole

We each have Love inside of us
We were created that way
Love breathed life into us
Love gave us this day

To do the same thing
Return life, be gentle not showy
Build up each other
Never mind what you know

Is true about their past
Cause Love covers it all
Show Love where you can
Be it great, or be it small

Just Love.

dorothy’s page Β© 2018 Dorothy E. Young

13 thoughts on “What is Love?

      1. Well my friend…I think that you’ve provided an enormous, positive, spiritually-focused influence on this WP. And one for which you should be enormously proud.

        So well done.

        The sky is the limit for you Dorothy!!

        Liked by 1 person

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