Healthy Speaking

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Words are powerful! What you speak can change the trajectory of your life. It’s true! Science can attest to it. Go ‘head, Google it.

If you can speak yourself into a bad mood, a piece of chocolate cake, convince yourself you have to have those shoes, you can speak yourself whole.

I not only think we can, I know we can! Do you wonder how

Can you will yourself healed
By the words that you speak
Talk to your body
That’s frail and weak

Can you talk yourself
Into feeling better
To keep you from
Going under the weather

Can you speak yourself healed
As scientists have shown
Will molecular structure change
from how you’ve known

Them to be all of your life
Reconstructing your brain
I’m sure you’ll feel silly
But I say you can retrain

Your thoughts
AND your words too
Tell that dis-ease who’s boss
Tell IT what you’ll do

Speak, “I am whole and well
What’s wrong can be fixed
I’m not taking this anymore
I’m not going to be sick

God said what he made was good
And I’m staying that way
So body hear me clearly
I am healed, starting today!”

Speak it over yourself and say it every day. That malady, it ain’t taking breaks, and you shouldn’t either. You get to keep saying it.

Do what you have to do medically, but know that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Continue to speak yourself healthy and you’ll feel the difference.

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