Get to Living

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Normal is relative so live your “normal”, make the best of what you have.

Don’t compare, don’t compete and don’t complain. Because

We don’t have the same life
We don’t have the same day
Because “normal” is relative
Different in every way

That you could imagine
Or even possibly envision
What’s normal to you
Won’t compute in my decision

Making process
Because we’re on different paths
Embrace your “normal”
Accept what you have

To work with
Cause it’s all you’ve been given
So get on with your “normal”
Be happy, and get to living

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

16 thoughts on “Get to Living

  1. Yes, no need to compare and compete. We all have what we need and should be content with it. Thanks for the light. I wrote a post inviting the readers to tell me more about their WordPres name, would be glad to hear your story 🙂

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