Branding Me

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Some people dislike labels because they feel restricted and limited.

Me? I’ve always wanted one. To me, it gives me a sense of belonging in this world. A sense of purpose, focus for my life. Oh how I’d love to be defined.

My identity has been
Something I’ve wanted to know
Who am I what am I
Where do I go

When fulfillment
Is what I long for
Where do I fit
Who would want more

Of what I have to offer
Of what I have to give
What’s my reason for giving
How do I live

Day to day without
Knowing my reason for being
Why was I created
What was the Father seeing

When he made, molded
Me into His image from the womb
I’m sure I’ll find out
Before I hit the tomb

Maybe one day it’ll hit me
Smack me upside the head
Maybe one day I’ll get it
Before I drop dead

Of curiosity
Trying to figure my destiny
Surely it’ll hit me
Who I am, who I’m meant to be

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

17 thoughts on “Branding Me

  1. You have a purpose. You have unique gifts, special abilities. You are meant to use them to glorify your Maker and uplift your neighbor. Someday is now. You know your gifts. You ARE using them! Relax and let your light shine.

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