Your Creation

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Look at what you’ve made
It’s coming back to you
Look at what you’ve made
It’s looking up to you

What you have created
Is giving you the praise
What you have created
All the days

Among the trees and the birds
A sweet sound is heard

From the voices of a one
Who’s love has just begun

To be seen and
Expressed to you
The love of my life
This one and hereafter too

You are greater than great
The things you create

To show yourself strong and wise
It is marvelous in our eyes

What a treat it is to know
When I leave here there’s where I’ll go

To be with you
Never to part again
There in eternity
Where time never ends

Spending a lifetime with you
Would seem to be enough
But in eternity much more
I’m sure sho’nuf

If you’re wonderful here
Can I wait to get there
Can Heaven wait for me
Boy, what a pair

Together we’re unstoppable
Can conquer anything
Your creation looks to you
My maker, my father, my king

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

6 thoughts on “Your Creation

  1. It’s fun to bring back written pieces from the past, isn’t it? You’re speaking to a different self these days – and hence a different audience. Right? Look at what you’ve made.

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