Just Sing it off

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I’ve gotten into the habit of singing when I’m in panic mode, frustrated or just plain impatient. It’s working so far.

I don’t sigh, roll my eyes or grumble, mumble under my breath or complain. I just start singing. And before I know it

The pressure has passed
It doesn’t take very much
Just a little time that

Gets ya humming a tune
Whistling while you’re at work
A little Jay-Z or Bey
Just try not to twerk

In the hallway, by a cubicle
Or near someone’s desk
Try not to cause a scene
Just shake off the rest

Of your troubles
And leave that other junk behind
Just Sing to yourself
Whatever comes to mind

Because truly, what’s in front of you is not worth your time. Laugh it off, sing it off. Just don’t let it get to ya. Then, in the blink of an eye, it’ll flow right through ya.

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

20 thoughts on “Just Sing it off

  1. “Just try not to twerk…” 😂 I was the daily designated driver for decades: my ex called me out and use to make fun of my humming I used to do when getting stressed. It’s long been a defense mechanism for me. You also have no choice but to sing in your head when your husband changes the channel every time… I sing out loud now. 😊

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  2. One of my majors in college was music therapy. The discipline of music therapy is based on the Iso Principle: match the music to the person’s mood – then change the music’s mood slowly and the person’s mood will change with it. It actually works! So, let’s sing our melancholy duet and move to the jazz we want to achieve. Come sing along! I’ll harmonize! ❤

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