The Angel and the King

I wrote this short children’s story last year about this time. I hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Bob. Bob loved to play outside. He lived where the hills were lush and green. The land was so great that he had all the room in the world to play. There were no homes for miles and miles around. He loved to run and play. Even when there were no other children around to play with, he still wanted to play. To Bob, the outside was home.

One day while playing with his kite he noticed a white light coming from the sky. He could hardly stare at it for it was very bright. As the light drew nearer he began to ask himself, “what could this brilliant light be?” All the while, he never took his eyes off of the light. The closer the light came to him the brighter and more brilliant it became. He wondered, “was this another kite that escaped it’s master? Did the wind just happen to blow it my way? Could this be mine to have and to hold; forever?”

As he pondered these things in his heart the sky turned gray. The thunder began to roll across the sky as though a giant boulder was violently tossed. The earth shook. The ground and the trees trembled. Even the animals became afraid. But Bob’s eyes never left the sky. His eyes fixed on that light as though nothing else existed. Then all of a sudden the light came closer and closer. Then BOOM! The brilliant light hit the ground. There was a cloud of smoke all around. The smoke was so thick that Bobby couldn’t see a thing. Once the smoke cleared and the dust settled he realized that what he was staring at, embedded in the crater created by the thunderous landing, the thing that kept his gaze affixed, was an angel.

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As he wiped his eyelids, he blinked a few times to make sure that dust and gravel hadn’t blocked his view. The sun peeked from the dust and the sky became as clear as a bell. He was staring at an Angel. She was so brilliant that he needed to peek, ever so slightly, between his fingers to get a closer look. But then, all of a sudden, she whisked him high into the air as if he were a kite. Way up high. Far above the lush green fields he’d only seen from the ground. He never knew how vast and far and wide the countryside went. For he had never left his backyard. Not even once. He never knew such beauty before. The land stretched far and wide. “Such freedom.” he thought. As She held him gently high above the clouds, his feet dangling in the breeze slowly caressing his cheeks, he began to cry.

You see, Bobby was told by his Father years ago that one day he would go places and see things that only he could dream and imagine. He remembered that his father later explained that once he saw the land of his dreams, that he could never go back to his home as long as he lived. He knew that once his feet hit the ground things would never be the same. The angel then landed softly upon a lush green hilltop where all the land was in his view. The angel explained, “The reason you can never go back to your home again is because your new home is right over that hill way above the highest mountain. This land has been waiting for you to reign.”.

As Bobby began to think about what his father had told him all those years before, his nine year old mind began to understand what his Father meant. For he was now the head of his family. The last remaining son in the village. Now things would never be the same because amongst all of the lush green land sat his castle. It was his kingdom. He was now ruler and sovereign king over all the land he once played upon. No, things would never be the same for Bob. The angel had been sent by his father to watch over him and to guide him as he ruled. And with her by his side they reigned in peace all of the days of his life.

The End

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11 thoughts on “The Angel and the King

  1. I love that it’s about an angel. Mi have been thinking a lot about angels this last week. For children, I think, it is much easier to think of and believe in angels than it is for us adults. I also live how you deaw ys in by making us wonder what that white light is. We then want to know more, so you have hooked us in right at the start almost. Yeah. Great story Dorothy. Love it

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