Be Still, You’ll Know

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Which way do I go? How do you choose? Which way do I turn? What if I lose?

How do you set a goal
when God is in control

How do you plan a day
when he has the last say

Do I make out a plan
when he is in command

Am I to be lead by his Spirit
when he speaks, will I hear it

How will I know what to do
Where to live, who to choose

For my mate, or date who I will
Will I be responsible or will he foot the bill

For my choices that didn’t include him
Choices I alone made on a whim

Or at the drop of a hat
Knowing full well that

He’s been right at every turn
Kept me from being spurned

Made my pathways bright
Brought peace to every night

Sent me grace to embrace
Every portion of this race

To face every day with pace
Day after day

No way will I leave him
I’ll stay and believe him

I’ll trust in his promise
And rest in his will
From now on I’ll ask first
From now on, I’ll be still

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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