The Element Represents the True

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I always say that the element represents the true. Sometimes – not always, just sometimes – I can walk into a place and read it like a book. The people in the room need not tell me anything about the homeowner or guest of honor. I can take a look at either the theme of the décor, a dominate color scheme or even features on the guest’s body and let them speak to me. It lets me know who I’m becoming acquainted with. I know there’s some kind of psychology to this but I say, “The element represents the true.”.

Case in point. I was visiting a friend who just happened to have a lot of plants. That didn’t really speak volumes to me. They were just plants. Then I noticed that the live plants were in the dinette area while the artificial plants were towards the front of the home. The word pretentious came to mind; fake, a facade. Plastic plants in front rooms are for acquaintances. This is all you get when we first meet. While the real or live plants in the dinette are reserved for the inner circle; intimate relationships.

Those invited to the kitchen, get the real thing. To me, eating is intimate. You don’t just plant your feet [see what I did there; plant…never mind] at someone’s table without an exchange taking place. It’s very important who you share a meal with. Remember that.

Later, after spending a considerable amount of time with her, I found my assessment to be spot on. She had boundaries in place for the people she allowed in her space. And I think we all should be particular with not only who we give ourselves to, but to the extent that we give. This way, we take the time to develop trust, which in turn keep acts of betrayal to a minimum and we potentially form lasting friendships in the process.

Pay attention to the things around you. Because the element always speaks to the true.

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