Letting go of Holding on

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

I can’t decide if I’m holding onto letting go so I won’t get too attached. Or, if I’m letting go of holding on just in case you’re not mine to begin with. Which is it?

How can I simultaneously hold onto while letting go of? I guess I could keep him in my head and not my heart. Or is it vice versa? Maybe he’s attracted to the God in me and not me. But how can that be? Letting go of holding on while holding on to letting go?

How do I let go
and keep holding onto
Keep you in my thoughts
Knowing that you

are far away from me
Maybe never to embrace
The you I’d love to see
The you I’d like to face

Every morning
And see every night
The thought of that not being
Gives me a freight

ening feeling
One that I cannot allow
I’ve got to keep you still
Some way, some how.

But what if God says no
Says to pray for you instead
Then, I’ll take you from my heart
And move you to my head

How do I let go of holding on or hold on while letting go? I know. I’ll pray for your happy, which will in turn be mine. For that alone brings me pleasure. May happiness be thine.

Now that’s letting go of holding on, while holding on to letting go.

dorothy’s page ยฉ 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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