Tongues of Fire

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Sometimes, God does drive-by’s through my mouth. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m Unwanted. Unbeknownst to me, he’s getting into er’body’s business during my conversations. Which is totally unfair to me. But, I gave him my life and told him to do with me what he pleased.

I open my mouth and he speaks. I didn’t ask for it, He decided what it would be. He,

God, called me fire
A long time ago
The words that I speak
Causes others to go

Away from me
Or draw closer still
My tongue, for others, burn
And for some it heals

The wounded and the broken
Those rejected like me
The fire that I am
Yes, it sets men free

Free from bondage, insecurities
And low self esteem
Run to, not from the fire
Towards the *unwanted me.

You’re not rejecting me
You’re rejecting the true
For He’s the consuming fire,
Not me that you refuse

I’m just His prophet as it were, the one who speaks on his behalf. He governs this tongue of fire, not me – boy, that’s a laugh.

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20 thoughts on “Tongues of Fire

  1. Jeremiah the prophet spoke of an utterance such as this as being like a fire shut up in His bones, yet he couldn’t contain those words because he was anointed to tell all men what thus saith the Lord…Jeremiah 20:9….Loved this!!

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      1. yep…The word will draw or drive, and by virtue of the word in us, that we must live and share, we will experience this first hand!

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