My Sophie’s heart

🥀Sophia L. Denmark
July 11, 1982 – February 21, 2009
Image courtesy of

As I watched the news the other night, a story aired about a little girl who was waiting on a donor. She needed a heart. One of her dreams was to have rapper Drake visit her in the hospital and the other, a new heart. Both of her dreams came true. Her name was Sophia.

It reminded me of my Sophie*. The niece that left this earthly realm to escape to the heavens. That’s a picture of her up there from a photo shoot she did a short time before she was asphyxiated. I miss her dearly. She had a way of making you laugh when all you wanted to do was cry. A real comedian. No one speaks of her these days. I’m surprised I’m even mentioning her to total strangers. Maybe it’s good to get it off of my mind and into the atmosphere. Maybe there’s healing in sharing your emotions. It’s gotta be healthy at least.

Maybe I should speak of her more often. Maybe she won’t seem so far away if I did. It just seems more real that she’s gone when I have to speak of her in past tense. I know, I’m a drag on a Friday night. Thanks for hearing my heart. Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks for letting me miss, my Sophie’s heart.

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15 thoughts on “My Sophie’s heart

  1. What a beautiful joyful photo of a beautiful joyful person. I am dedicated to the practice of talking about the people who have left this earth – it is the way we remember them, honor them, keep them alive in the here and now.

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  2. What a beautiful and moving photo of her. That soul surely lives on. Keep her laughter fresh in your heart, and she will always be here. ❤ I'm glad you shared her radiance and a bit of your pain. Hugs.


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