Center Stage

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A great singer can move you with the simplest of songs. It’s not so much the lyrics as it is the passion that emits from the heart of the voice. Without that, it’s just noise.

If that’s your gift, make sure to give it all you’ve got, don’t hold back and let us see that you are truly musically inclined.


If you don’t have a song
Then you can’t sing
Before you step up to the Mic
Make sure you bring

Somethin’ of substance
Some content if you will
Something with some meat on it
Something that will give

The listener something

To take away from
To walk away with
Something that marinades
Later on as they sit

Back and listen to the words,
The lyrics’ meaning
Embracing the harmony
The melodys’ seaming

Of the message
That’s stitched out all along
For It’s more than just music
Much more than just a song

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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