Speaking Foodishly

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Food. I love it. For those of us who are lovers of food, we are a different breed altogether. For to us, food is more than sheer nourishment for the body – it is love expressed from the heart of the preparer. We consume it. The Love. The hate. The madness. Whatever the mood of the chef that day, we can taste it. It draws us in like a moth to a flame (get it? flame, cooking? never mind). Our mouths salivate at the thought of the taste of their hearts. What are they going to express to me today?
Is this the day they reconciled
with their lover
Did they have a fight
with their sister or mother

I can feel the tension
in the room
as I take each bite
and consume

What their hands prepared
What it felt like to be scared

That they won’t make rent
this month on time
Will they cut
their lights off again this time?

Or no? So going out to eat is more than a trip to someone else’s table for me. For you see, I’m more than am epicurist, I’m a lover of the heart in all its ways of expression. Food to me is another form of poetry. Comfort. A word used to describe the effect food has on the soul. It’s an emotional aphrodisiac of sorts. Food, who needs it? Me, that’s who.

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8 thoughts on “Speaking Foodishly

  1. This is just right… I so much equate food to poetry! The mysteries of food and wine pairing epitomizes the depth and richness of the greatest verse.

    So…that, I guess, is pretty pathetic… but that’s me!


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  2. Soooo a few months ago I was doing some research on Argentinian Cuisine and their grilling methods and customs, specifically the asado method! (the fire or flame, grill and grass-fed meat) My comment is random, yet not random, but the point of this post is absolutely true! Argentinians are purists who cook with love, and this form of grilling is considered art in their culture! True love translates in ALL that we do!!

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