The End

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;the conclusion of the matter

I had to have this conversation with my piece of mind to bring peace to my mind. I don’t want to run things in my life. I’ve made a mess of this as it is. I’m turning things over to God. He’s way better at it. Life, I mean. So, here goes, the conclusion of the matter. I hope you like it.

I see what we do
When we see – each other through

how WE think and feel
Or how we perceive life’s way
How we see things
May not be the same way

That you choose to tackle
A normal everyday task
I may not see it your way
Or may not even ask

Your opinion about it
Or what you think I should do
You don’t know your way in life
So why would I choose

To seek your advice,
Your counsel, your guide
When I myself have
A compass inside

I’ll let the Holy Spirit guide me
For he knows the way
The Father’s ordered my steps,
And there’s nothing left to say. . .

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

10 thoughts on “The End

      1. That’s awesome! I always go for the one per day. I also try to keep one or two saved up. That way if my schedule changes and I do not have time to write, I always have something I can post. Just my thoughts…

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