My Source; All eyes on God

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Here’s another poem I wrote back on July 11th. That day is significant because it’s the birthday of my first niece. She’s no longer with us. I probably had her on my mind that day. Just wondering where she would be if she was still with us. She loved God with all of her heart. She trusted him fully and completely. She once signed a school photo she gave me, “To someone special in my life, next to God.” I miss her so.

Here’s My Source

All Eyes are on You God
Cause I don’t know what to do
My ears are glued to your voice
Waiting for a clue

About my life,
Your plans for my future
What do you have planned
How you gonna suture

Up this mess that I’m in
This directionless place
I don’t know where to begin
Each day I must face

The same question anew
How to pick up the pieces
How do I take this few;
This little, keeps it

Hard not to trust you
So hard not to keep looking to you

For my every supply
For you’re the reason why

All things work together
For my good
All Eyes are on You
Placed just where they should

be because
You’re our source
Trusting you is not in vein
One can never be remorse

full for putting their faith
In your name
Cause if all else fails
We’ll have no one to blame

When things go awry
Go bump in the night
We’ll be glad we looked to you
Glad we gave you our sight

Our full attention
Our undivided gaze
Our one and only resource
For the rest of our days

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

8 thoughts on “My Source; All eyes on God

  1. Soooo, today as I started writing lyrics to a song, I thought about one I tried to write a few years back, but I couldn’t grab it to save my life. Wellllll, this message brought it back because this message led me to Hebrews 12 and God said, here’s the song you were trying to remember! God is indeed amazing!

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