A New Heart

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot about it. Oh well, I hope you like it.

I’m a different kind of creature
Created from God’s best cloth
Marinated in his loving passion
The blood of Jesus from his cross

With humanity, he left his
Divinity to see about you and me
He came to see about us
To see if we’d agree

To accept his son
His one and only son’s death
Accept his gift of life
Accept his very best

Gift, expression of his love
His plan for mankind
His redemptive plan for humanity
The one with the sign

Sealed and delivered
In the form of a dove
The Holy Spirit is his name
Sent to share the fathers love

And kindness
As he loved us so much
He wanted to reconnect with us
He simply wants to touch

Our hearts and
Get to know us anew
Let him in your heart today
He’ll make you brand new

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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