The Art of Mastering Me

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Yesterday I wrote about the four personality types I’ve observed over my life time in my blog post *The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People. In it I break down the various personality types and where I fit. (You might want to see where you for as well)

Anyway, because I am a true Feeler through and through, my emotions tend to get the best of me and rule in times that the thinker in me should kick in and balance things out. So to master said heart, I’ve realized that the thinking process must go hand in hand with the feeler in me to keep me safe from harm. This is challenging to say the least. But if I am mindful of my purpose it helps me to:

• focus on the task at hand

• anchor my emotions and

• make sound decisions with minimal consequences.

I’m getting there. It’s sort of like controlling a big ship with a small rudder. Slowly but surely I am learning the art of mastering me. Are you?

*see original post

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9 thoughts on “The Art of Mastering Me

  1. Love this Dorothy…and so apropos to us all. Regardless of our personality type which you so perfectly described, it’s so important that we know, truly, and accept truly, who we are. And…learn how to master ourselves.

    Just right my friend!

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  2. A work in progress in deed, As we grow and learn new things, we grow within as well. As we strive for a better understanding daily, we reflect and make our selves stronger and understand more as time goes. Love your thoughts on this matter

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