The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People

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People watching is an art form. Really it is. Over the years I have done a lot of people watching. I don’t mean the kind you do at a mall while waiting for your friends to power shop. I mean truly observing the behavior, habits and tendencies of those in your inner circle of family, friends and co-workers. In my research, I have found there to be four kinds of people. I have seen three. I’m presuming the fourth one exists.

Thinkers – The go-to method of communication is through logic and reason. Everything is processed cognitively. Left brainers. I call them the head people. For some reason, they love to eat bread. Lots of bread.

Feelers – Now this group is my favorite. Dare to guess why? They are compassionate, empathetic givers. They process the world around them with their emotions. They approach life based on how they feel. I call them the heart people. Artists mostly fall into this category.

Thinking-Feelers – This is a hybrid of the two with the feeler being the dominant rule maker. While this group processes through their emotions, they balance the emotions with reason, logic and apply wisdom. This is the optimal group in my opinion.

Feeling-Thinkers – I have yet to encounter this creature in my life time. A rare species indeed. I imagine this special breed possess the amazing ability to exhibit compassion despite the urge to lean towards intellect as the guiding force of all interactions. I’m sure they exist. At least I hope so.

I’m a feeler. And I love that about me! However, my goal is to fully develop into a Thinking-Feeler. I think this group is a more balanced combination of the groups. Which type are you?

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9 thoughts on “The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People

  1. Yup, weirdos are my personality favorite. Don’t fall into any one category. Just keep evolving. Interesting idea that you can group folks into four categories, but I think we’re all a lot more complex than that … and have a little of every type in us … an infinite number of types! Of course there is dominance. And mine probably is the thinking-feeler. Mom was the thinker, but my passionate, patient, compassionate, huggy dad was the feeler. Problem was though, he was on his death bed before he opened up enough to learn to express those feelings in words! Thanks for making us think and wonder and reply! I love your blog! ❤️


    1. Yeah, this was my ameture assessment of the people in my inner circle. There are way too many types for my pay grade. Too many to name. I love the one you chose. Sounds like it suits you too. Thank you for reading my blog. I’ve only been doing this for a few months now. Still trying to find my way around this blogosphere. And I’m loving the way you write😊

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