Ruby Slippers

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Home sweet home. Words I have yet to utter in this life. I’ve always wanted to take a deep breath, sigh then say these words, wholly and fully on every level I could possibly apply them.

How can I long to be somewhere I’ve never been before?! Homesick without a home? How can that be?! Is my spirit longing to return to its maker? No! I want to be home in the here and now.

If only I could click my heels, close my eyes, say the magic words, open my eyes and be where I’ve always longed to be. Home.

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12 thoughts on “Ruby Slippers

  1. Not having that feeling of belonging has always been a sad spring trickling inside of me. Although it seems (outwardly) I have drifted even further away from a “home,” knowing what home is not helps me finally head in the right direction, and I know I’ll end up there soon enough, now that I have gotten out of my own way. I’m excited for our stories happily-ever-afters, friend. ❀ Let's cautiously dip our toes into the dreams-come-true spring instead. (:

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