Wait for It

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

I have all day. I have all of the time in the world. I pay no attention to calendars, dates or scheduled life milestones. What I do is essential to all of life’s most sacred development. Without me, process would have no place in time.

I am a much needed part of the process. I am necessary for temperance to develop and for maturity to become full blown. You resolve to be with me when there is nothing else to uphold your hopes. I am Patience.

dorothy’s page ยฉ 2018 Dorothy E. Young

13 thoughts on “Wait for It

    1. Yep. I’ve got to let her do her job. Hey, is patience referenced as feminine because she gives birth?! Wow I just got that.๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      Patience and Wisdom. They give birth to things. That’s why the Father assigns those virtues to the feminine.

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