The You-Me

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When I’m with you

I wonder how I am with you
Humble, shy or tru

ly bashful or flirty
Or otherwise worldly

Do I bite my nails
Or call my girlfriend and tell

How you held my hand
When we reached the stand

To hear the band on the pier
Do I stand erect with confidence
Every time I hear

You call my name

Am I giddy or girly
Or poised and surly

Am I serious, or vulnerable
Strong and fierce
Do I fidget with anxiety
Whenever you’re near

Me in the closet getting dressed
Or sitting at the vanity
Pressing my face to impress

Those within our circle
Our family and friends
Who am I with you now
When did I begin

To mind my manners
Adjust my mood
Fully enunciate my words
And change vocabulary too

To be sweet and kind
Is my nature anyway
But oh how you’ve changed me
Ever so slightly, each and everyday

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

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